New RICARDO Soups That Are Perfect for Fall in Grocery Stores Now

Autumn is the season of big returns: the return of routine, the return of jackets and the return of soups and broths! Our new soups, available at the ready-to-eat counter in IGA grocery stores, are inspired by the RICARDO Café menu with original flavours. They are perfect for lunch, accompanied by a slice of bread, or for a quick and easy entrée for two. Here are our four new products, on sale now.

Cream of corn, lime and chili 

This soup is Brigitte’s favourite, and we can’t help but agree with her choice. With its creamy texture, sweet corn flavour and brought to life with a touch of chili and zest of lime, this soup tastes like the last rays of summer sunshine.

Cream of corn, lime and chili

Beef and barley soup with carrots and mushrooms 

With its tasty broth and tender pieces of meat and vegetables, this soup is always consistent—and delicious. And just wait until you have a bowl after raking up all the leaves in the yard.

Beef and barley soup

Cream of onion, cheddar, apple and bacon

This is probably the most gourmet soup on offer with its smooth, silky texture and traditional onion soup au gratin taste. There’s also a tribute to fall—beautiful pieces of apple—and the delicate smoky flavour of bacon.

Cream of onion

Cream of leek, pears and maple syrup

This reinvented classic combines leek with the tangy taste of pears and sweetness of maple syrup perfectly. The soup is garnished with croutons to add a little crunch and texture with every mouthful.

Cream of leek

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