November 4-8, 2019: What to Cook This Week

Let’s start November off on the right foot. This week’s menu includes recipes to suit all tastes and preferences. Tofu? Check! Pasta? Check! Burgers? Check! There’s something for everyone, and when the family’s content, so are you!

Monday: Sweet Potato and Tofu Patties

Meatless Monday calls for these delicious patties, served with a green salad and tzatziki sauce for dipping. Best of all? Leftovers will make a great lunch for tomorrow!

Tuesday: Pantry Penne (Shrimp and Olive Pasta)

After a long day at work, all you want is for dinner to be a hassle-free affair. This tasty pasta dish is quick, easy and includes ingredients you likely already have at home.

Wednesday: Kung Pao Chicken

It’s a Chinese food staple, but put away that takeout menu: You’ll be making kung pao chicken at home tonight!

Thursday: Lettuce Frittata

Got some eggs and extra lettuce in the fridge? This tasty frittata is a winning dinner idea when you’re low on time.

Friday: Pork and Broccoli Cheeseburgers

Friday night calls for burgers! Oozing with cheese and topped with good-for-you broccoli, this is a meal both kids and adults can get behind.