Simplified Pasta Dishes with RICARDO Sauces

Pasta is one of our favourite dishes to have on weeknights. It comes to the rescue when the busy family routine forces us to opt for ease. When time is of the essence, all you have to do is cook the pasta of your choice and pair it with a RICARDO ready-to-serve sauce. Two new tomato sauces, one meat and one vegetarian, are now sold in IGA grocery stores across Quebec. Did someone say spaghetti night?

1. Meat sauce

Inspired by our spaghetti sauce (the best), this family sauce is made with seasoned ground pork and beef cooked with tomatoes, vegetables and herbs for the ultimate classic pasta dish.

2. Vegetarian sauce with plant-based protein

This is the perfect sauce for meatless evenings. One of its key ingredients is textured vegetable protein, also known as TVP. This ingredient is made from dehydrated soybeans combined with soybean flour, which provides a neutral taste and texture similar to ground meat. It has the same good taste as the classic sauce, but in a veggie version!

Now all you need to decide is if you’re the meat sauce type or if you prefer vegetarian. Whichever one you choose, you have everything you need when pasta is on the menu. Buon appetito!

RICARDO meat ($8.99) and vegetarian ($7.99) pasta sauces are sold at Quebec IGA stores in the ready-to-eat section.