5 Facts About Plant-Based Yogurt

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Plant-based yogurts have been popping up on grocery store shelves for a few years now, and it doesn’t seem as if this trend will cease anytime soon! Liberté is breaking ground with its new range of dairy-free yogurts. The company has been working on this product for a long time to ensure it’s not only delicious and creamy, but also that it’s at the height of its standards. Good news: mission accomplished! Here are five things you should know about this alternative to regular yogurt.

1. A simple product with a surprising taste

Not only is it dairy- and lactose-free, plant-based yogurt is also gluten-free, low in sugar and has a short ingredients list. Plant-based, it has a new taste with a subtle tartness that will both surprise and appeal to gourmets.

2. Not only for vegans

This new vegan product is great for people who’ve stopped consuming dairy products by choice or for health reasons, or who simply want to reduce their consumption. That said, it’s also for anyone who wants to enjoy life’s pleasures and add some diversity to their diet! So why not add this new yogurt to your breakfast menu, topped with a fruit compote and a crumble?

3. Use it in almost everything

In this faux-gurt, the milk has been replaced by a plant-based beverage. Some can be soy-, almond- or cashew-based, but the most popular in stores are made from a coconut base. You can cook and bake with plant-based yogurt like you would regular yogurt. All you have to do is use similar flavours. For example, you can easily replace plain yogurt in smoothies or chia pudding. It’s a great way to switch things up!

4. Full of flavour

The taste of a plain, plant-based yogurt is tinted with a chosen base. In this case, you’ll find the flavours of coconut, a light acidity, as well as a delicious and comforting taste. Many brands offer a variety of flavours. The three proposed by Liberté are: raspberry, vanilla and plain.

5. Makes for an interesting substitute

Despite the fact that this yogurt is dairy-free, it is still very versatile, able to be used as a topping in a meal, an ingredient in a recipe, a snack or dessert. The plain version is especially an asset to vegetarian cooking, adding texture and creaminess to a recipe. Try it in a tahini sauce, the perfect accompaniment to falafel.

Whether you’re flexitarian, vegetarian, vegan or simply curious, this plant-based yogurt is an interesting product to try and to integrate into your everyday menu. You’re likely to be pleasantly surprised!

This article is a collaboration between RICARDO and Liberté.