April 12 to 16, 2021: Colourful Menu Featuring Spring Ingredients

One of our favourite things about spring (aside from the warmer weather) is the abundance of ingredients that are in season. Fresh fruits, veggies and seafood become featured players in many of our favourite dishes, including the five we’re sharing with you this week.

Monday: Grilled Asparagus with Beet Hummus and Curried Chickpeas

Asparagus is one of our most favourite vegetables when springtime rolls around. And given that we’re already prone to grilling around this time of year as well, it only makes sense to give these beauties the barbecue treatment.

Tuesday: Cabbage, Edamame and Grilled Halloumi Salad

How can we resist red cabbage? After all, its reddish-purple hue makes it a wonderful ingredient to include in any dish! So when spring rolls around, we like to include it in a crunchy salad, such as this version with grilled halloumi cheese.

Wednesday: Trout with Beet Salad 

Red and yellow beets bring earthiness to any dish and we particularly adore them in a bright salad served with fish, as seen here.

Thursday: Lasagna Rolls (Rotolo) with Swiss Chard and Tofu

Swiss chard is a versatile green that comes around this time of year. Try it in these delicious tofu lasagna rolls!

Friday: Parsnip Pancakes with Crab and Salsa Verde

We’re like kids in a candy store when crab season rolls around each spring! We take pieces of the tender and sweet crustacean and serve them with pancakes made of parsnip (another springtime favourite!) and a drizzle of bright salsa verde.