December 6 to 10, 2021: 5 Cozy Meals to Make for Someone This Week

With the holiday season gearing up, we’re all feeling festive and in a generous mood. This week is all about giving, and we’re helping you pay it forward to someone who has helped you in the past! Make one of the recipes below over the weekend, then share it with a loved one and their family so they may enjoy a hearty meal during the week.

Monday: Lasagna (The Best)

This latest recipe on our site falls into our best-ever category. A rich pork and beef sauce, creamy béchamel and noodles cooked perfectly al dente come together to create the king of all comfort dishes! Best of all, bake it in a pretty baking dish, which also doubles as a holiday present.

Tuesday: Vegetarian Chili with Edamame

Who could say no to a pot of hearty chili? This vegetarian version is filling despite missing the meat, and has all the wonderful aromas that make it a wintertime staple. Best of all, this recipe is freezer-friendly, so you can share it with a friend and they can simply warm it up when needed!

Wednesday: Chicken Pot Pie (The Best)

What says “I love you” more than a cozy chicken pot pie? This dish is a childhood staple, and it can be associated with so many memories. Flaky crust, tender chicken and vegetables, creamy sauce...we know someone will appreciate the love you put into making this recipe.

Thursday: Barley and Bean Soup

A cozy soup is just what’s needed during these colder days. Whip up a batch of this delicious barley and bean soup, and when you show up at someone’s door with a large pot of it, they will certainly appreciate the warmth provided.

Friday: One-Pot Burrito Casserole

This one-pot meal is a lifesaver for any busy weeknight, especially for a friend with children. Whip up this kid-friendly meal and you’re giving someone a night off from cooking, which is the best gift you can offer them. (Be sure to also provide a bag of tortilla chips!)