Pulled Maple Taffy

  • Preparation 40 MIN
    Cooking 15 MIN
    Cooling 30 MIN
  • Servings 1
  • Makes 7 dozen
This recipe was inspired by the taffy made in Quebec to honour Saint Catherine, except we used maple syrup instead of molasses. Imagine saltwater taffy, but a little harder.



  1. Butter an 8 x 11-inch (20 x 28 cm) baking dish.
  2. In a pot, bring all the ingredients to a boil. Let boil, without stirring, until a candy thermometer reads 259°F (126°C). The mixture will be extremely hot. Carefully pour the mixture into the baking dish. Let cool for 30 minutes or until it has cooled enough to be handled but is still warm.
  3. Put on a pair of powder-free latex gloves and lightly butter the fingers and palms. Working in the dish, fold the taffy onto itself several times, then slowly stretch the candy, fold it in half and stretch again. Repeat until the taffy becomes pale and shiny, about 15 minutes.
  4. Cut the taffy in half. On a silicone mat, roll out one piece at a time into ropes inch (1.5 cm) thick. Using lightly oiled scissors, cut the ropes into 1-inch (2.5 cm) pieces.
  5. Wrap each taffy candy in a small square of parchment paper. The taffy will keep for 2 weeks at room temperature.


Beware: The hot candy mixture may splatter! Have a cold, wet cloth handy to apply to the skin if needed.

Pulling taffy is lots of fun, but it's best to have a team to help you with the task. Recruit parents, friends and, yes, even pesky siblings, to take a turn.

The taffy will become lighter and shinier as you pull, thanks to the many tiny sugar crystals that form as the candy cools.

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