Tropical Fruit Platter

  • Preparation 25 MIN
  • Servings 10
A sunny platter composed of fresh, pre-cut tropical fruits, livened up with a spritz of lime: Who can resist? Make sure the segments are easy to pick up or spear with forks or, in the case of passion fruit, scoop up and spoon out of the skin.



  1. On a work surface, cut the pineapple-half into 4 wedges and remove the core. Using a knife, separate the flesh from the peel and cut into triangular pieces, leaving the peel intact. Repeat with the melons and dragon fruit.
  2. Cut off both sides of the mangoes lengthwise, close to the pit. Using the tip of a knife, cut through the mango flesh in a crisscross pattern, leaving the peel intact. Press the skin outward, turning the flesh inside-out.
  3. Place the prepared fruits on a large serving platter.
  4. In a small bowl, combine the passion fruit syrup and lime juice and brush on the fruit, if desired.

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