5 Semi-Prepared Recipes That Aren’t Half-Hearted

Did you know that you can cook healthy meals without spending hours at the stove? Pairing processed foods with raw ingredients, which you likely do already, is a growing trend called semi-prepared cooking. It’s the perfect way to keep from hitting the grocery store too often!

For example, take fresh tomatoes, and then add a can of tuna for a quick and easy pasta sauce. It is nothing more than combining fresh ingredients with those in your pantry. Here are five recipes that are semi-homemade, but not cooked half-heartedly, for evenings when you’re short on time.

1. Quick and Easy Tomato and Tuna Spaghetti

A can of tuna, capers, a few olives and spaghetti, all purchased in the centre aisles of the supermarket, combined with the freshest Roma tomatoes you can find, and you’ve got a meal ready in under 30 minutes.

2. Cabbage, Edamame and Grilled Halloumi Salad

You don’t know what to do with that bag of frozen edamame? This salad will surely bring back memories of those pre-pandemic summer picnics. And topped with a slice of halloumi cheese, you now have that perfect punch required for a satisfying salad.

3. Pea Risotto

Your edamames’ shelf neighbour, green peas, will shine in this risotto. Both puréed and whole, the peas will colour your risotto and add some texture to the dish. It’ll be a new family favourite!

4. Chickpea Pita Sandwiches

Looking for a quick and easy vegetarian meal? Look no further. Combine seasoned chickpeas with tomatoes, lettuce and fresh mint, and you’ll find yourself with a new classic on your weekly rotation.

5. Antipasto Salad

With a Boston lettuce base, this salad can take on many forms. Add your favourite marinated ingredients, a touch of dried sausages and Parmesan cheese to taste, and you’ve got the ultimate definition of semi-prepared cuisine.