4 Delicious Meals for Chinese New Year

During Chinese New Year, traditional cuisine is rich in significance regarding the year ahead. These dishes are good luck charms, assuring, among other things, health, happiness and success. From preparation and presentation to eating, these recipes cooked with care carry so much symbolism.

Given that many can’t take advantage of the festivities with those they love this year, these wishes are particularly timely. Discover the significance of four popular dishes to enjoy and celebrate with your household bubble. 

1. Dumplings

We can’t resist dumplings, especially given that they are symbols of prosperity and good fortune! They’re in reference to the pieces of silver and gold that were used as money a long time ago. Whether they are filled with seafood, pork or shrimp, it seems the more you eat, the more riches you will amass in the coming year!

2. Long noodles 

Long noodles, also referred to as longevity noodles, express the wish for a long and extended life. The goal is to slurp your noodles without chewing and to not bite them. The longer the noodles, the longer your life will be!

3. Fish 

Synonymous with surplus, fish cooked whole symbolizes abundance (of food or wealth), in that you’ll have excess in the year ahead. Looking forward to a prosperous future, this emblematic dish that keeps the head and tail intact also symbolizes family harmony.

4. Egg rolls

Whether fried, steamed or baked, egg rolls are a wish for prosperity. Their golden colour and long shape make one think of gold bars. After all, when they’re stacked on a plate, it does seem as if a tonne of gold is piled at the centre of the table!

Looking for more ideas? Check out our recipes below.

The RICARDO team relied on the culinary traditions presented on this Chinese New Year website to write this article.