Our 10 Best Microwave Recipes

For those rushed daily meals, we firmly believe there’s nothing like the good old microwave to help out in a pinch. It’s an item that’s so common in a kitchen, we often forget how useful it can be on a daily basis. Whether it’s to thaw, temper, grill (yes!) or, obviously, warm food, there’s nothing more effective. Here is our list of recipes that can be prepared using this everyday appliance.

1. Eggs

Preparing eggs in the microwave is faster and yields the same result as in a pan—just ask our Test Kitchen chefs! It’s as simple as whisking an egg or two in a ramekin, mixing it with milk and fresh chives, and heating for 1 minute. For a more elaborate version, try an omelet! Add ham, maple syrup and cheddar to the eggs, or diced tomatoes, mozzarella and pesto. Lunch is ready in a snap.  

2. Confit salmon

We love this technique because it’s fast and, above all, the fish melts in your mouth. A few minutes in the microwave is enough to make the salmon fluffy. Then, all there is to do is break it apart, mix it with mayonnaise and other fillings, spread it on slices of bread, and cut the sandwiches into triangles!

3. Grilled nuts

The kitchen team uses this handy appliance to grill nuts more evenly than in a pan. Just spread them out on a plate and cook for one minute at a time, while stirring. It takes at most 4 minutes depending on the variety of nut you’re using.

4. Coconut fish

Although fish is not the first thing you’d think about cooking in a microwave, the results are surprising. In this fish curry we use tilapia, but any other thin white fish does the trick. And 12 minutes later, your meal is ready. 

5. Chocolate cake

Fancy an uncomplicated little dessert that takes less time to make than to eat? This moist chocolate cake in a cup takes literally 45 seconds to cook! If it can’t satisfy your craving for something sweet quickly, we don’t know what can! 

6. Basmati rice

When you cook rice in a pot, does it always end with half the portion sticking to the bottom? Your solution is the microwave! This simple recipe requires only a cup of rice, chicken broth, salt and pepper. A cook time of 15 minutes and a resting time of 10 minutes will surely convince you.

7. Floating island

Meet a delicate dessert that takes less than 20 minutes to make: a floating island. To prepare this meringue in a bowl of crème anglaise, egg whites are whisked into soft peaks before being put in quenelles and cooked in the microwave, just like a custard. Then, no more cooking for this dessert!    

8. Apple butter

So, you’ve filled up on seasonal apples and don’t know what to do with them? This quick recipe for microwave apple butter is sure to pique your interest. Slice and peel 15 apples, place them in a bowl covered with a bit of lemon juice and spices, and that’s all you need to do to get a buttery purée, forty minutes later.

9. Pudding cake

The microwave oven excels in the pudding category. Whether it’s made with blueberries or sticky toffee,  the principle remains more or less the same. Mix the ingredients for the batter in a coffee cup, then add the fillings. A minute of heat is enough to turn the mixture into delicious pudding.

10. Frittata

Potatoes are among the foods that cook well in the microwave, greatly reducing their cooking time. In this frittata, they are finely cut with a mandoline, mixed with vegetables, and then microwaved in broth. The egg mixture is then poured overtop, and then continue cooking until ready. Dinner is on!