5 Cold Coffee Drinks to Enjoy

What could be better than an iced coffee in the middle of a heat wave? Not much! These five refreshing recipes can be enjoyed in the morning, at brunch or at the end of a good meal, or any time high heat and humidity are in the forecast.

1. Cold Brew Coffee

In order to make a good cold brew coffee, it is wise to use a coffee maker designed specifically for this purpose, like a glass carafe which allows you to produce tasty coffee without the bitterness. Treat yourself to a glass of this cold drink before a work meeting, be it remotely or at the office.

2. Simplified Vietnamese Coffee

This drink is traditionally prepared using a metal filter placed over a glass so that the coffee flows slowly through it. With its sweet touch thanks to the addition of sweetened condensed milk, it is perfect for brunch on the patio.

3. Iced Spiced Mocha

This coffee drink, made with chilled espresso and a plant-based beverage, will become your ultimate summer caffeine fix. It is poured over gorgeous two-tone ice cubes sweetened with brown sugar, which brings the flavour to this refreshing morning drink.

4. Corretto Iced Coffee

We gave a little twist to the Italian drink that is usually enjoyed hot, transforming it into a cold cocktail. It’s a little treat to allow yourself at the end of the work week or at the end of a meal.

5. Dalgona Iced Coffee

Dalgona coffee first gained traction due to social media. Here, we have two types of this whipped instant coffee drink: the classic version prepared with milk, and the other with chocolate milk.

Make the most of your coffee break to learn more about coffee, the main ingredient of our favourite drink.