5 Tips to Properly Pack Lunches Before a Road Trip

This summer, take to the road with family or friends and discover the most beautiful corners of Canada. Even if restaurant stops are part of the charm of road trips, sometimes it’s easier to pack a lunch to enjoy en route or for a scenic impromptu picnic. Here are our favourite travel-friendly recipes and our best tips to make packed lunches in the most efficient way.

1. Use airtight containers for summer salads

Reusable containers are our best allies when it comes to keeping lunches fresh as long as possible. And because no one likes to bite into a wilted lettuce leaf, opt for those that close with flaps. We love them to keep all the flavour and freshness of this broccoli and grape salad, or so the juicy apples of our apple and pepper rice salad don’t oxidize during the trip! It’s also easier to distribute everyone’s meals by putting portions in individual containers before leaving. These containers make it possible to divide the food according to the preferences of each passenger. 

2. Get reusable bags for crunchy snacks

To keep snacks fresh, seal them well in reusable bags. It’s the perfect way to preserve them, especially recipes like our satisfying nut-free granola bars or our crunchy spicy chickpeas.

3. Wrap your sandwiches in quality packaging

If you like to prepare hearty sandwiches or wraps overflowing with vegetables, keep them in reusable packaging rather than leaving them in those traditional disposable bags. These ecological films preserve the bread’s perfect texture so that you can enjoy your lunch as if it had just been freshly made.

4. Store everything in a cooler bag that stays (really) cold

If your lunch is made up of a meal that needs to keep cool, use a cooler bag that doesn’t let out the cold. And to make sure that nothing gets too warm, follow these tips:

  • Freeze everything that can be frozen (fruit juice, bottle of water, etc.).
  • Put the ice or frozen products at the bottom of the bag.
  • Place everything compactly so that there is not too much space between containers and products.

5. Avoid putting lunch in the trunk

Even though the car is often packed to the brim with luggage, leave the food where the passengers are. Since the temperature is much higher in the trunk, it’s best if your meals stay cooler in the air conditioning. Plus, it allows you to have all your favourite snacks right at your fingertips!

Packing lunches as good as if you were eating them at home makes going on an adventure all the easier!