4 Ways to Keep a Ready Supply of Meals at Hand

Being more efficient in the kitchen and spending more time with loved ones; what could be easier? We’ve got a few tips on preparing meals together as a family, which will help you out on busy weeknights or at lunchtime.

1. Freeze for later

This method is popular, and for good reason: It works! Because, let’s face it, preparing four or five meals over the span of a weekend takes a lot of work. But by putting your little chefs to work, you won’t even notice the time going by. What’s more, on weeknights, you’ll be relieved that all you have to do is pop your dish in the oven...and the whole family will be happy to devour the meal they helped prepare.

2. Choose two recipes that you can cook at the same time

It’s the ideal solution when you want to move quickly, without skimping on taste and variety. Once these dishes are prepared, simply keep them in the refrigerator and then pop one in the oven on the weeknight of your choice. They’re also great for lunch the next day. The perfect example? The meatball recipe below, which can be made in two different ways.

3. Prepare a simple soup that eats like a meal

For everything to run like clockwork from Monday to Friday, we recommend at least one soup for lunch or dinner. This type of dish is normally easy to make (especially if you choose a recipe that requires only a few vegetables to be chopped) and can be stored in the refrigerator for several days, or longer in the freezer. You just have to make the base on the weekend, starting with a broth, sauce or other, and when it comes time to serve the soup, add the remaining ingredients that are less able to withstand being refrigerated or frozen in liquid, such as chicken, pasta, rice or barley, in order to maximize freshness.

4. Choose a food that can be enjoyed in many different ways

There are a few great staple foods, such as ham or a roast chicken, that are versatile and nutritious, lending themselves to a host of quick and easy recipes. Cook once, use twice or more! The protein could be enjoyed as a main course, for example, but also be added to sandwiches, soups and salads. Perfect for both lunch and dinner. Why not make your life a whole lot simpler? Check out these other great ideas on what to eat on busy weeknights.