4 Recipes for Boxing Day Brunch

Getting ready to host brunch on December 26? No stress! We’ve put together a holiday menu that’s both sweet and savoury—not to mention simple, quick and delicious!

1. Toast with the most

These are fancier than your everyday, garden-variety open-face sandwiches. It starts with a bed of golden onions, sour cream, crisp asparagus and crumbled feta. Splashes of sumac and lemon juice brighten the party. For textural oomph and flavour, make sure to use good country-style bread.

2. Classic makeover

We borrowed elements from traditional North American baked beans and North African shakshuka for a new take on the usual bacon and eggs. This family-style platter is a little sweet thanks to molasses, and a bit spicy thanks to harissa, plus it’s easy to make. There are terrific textural contrasts too, and, if you time it right (6 to 7 minutes), you’ll have perfectly runny baked eggs.

3. French twist

Italian panettone makes for decadent French toast. If there are leftovers, repurpose that fruity loaf this season for brunch! Kick up its flavour profile by soaking the slices in a vanilla and cinnamon mix before frying. The pièce de résistance is the garnish of marmalade syrup, yogurt, crushed amaretti cookies and orange slices.

4. Smooth finish

Syllabub is an Old English dessert made with whipped cream and wine (or sherry) and sugar. Our festive slant is flavoured with mango purée and white wine, but syllabub can be reinterpreted any number of ways with your preferred fruits and boozes (for instance, strawberries and amaretto). Bonus: This elegant dessert can be assembled, à la minute, in front of your guests.