Stuff We Love: Staff Confinement Picks

Want to try something new while you’re at home? RICARDO staff have a few suggestions that they’ve greatly appreciated during confinement. What’s more, the majority are from here, so will help local businesses. Take note!

Food fun

Maude, our content director, shared two recent finds. First, these foodie puzzles she found on the Bref Montréal website, like one in the shape of a pretzel. Not only do they look appetizing, it’s also a great way to encourage a local business. And finally we can play with our food! From $25;

bretzel + kit

Maude was also supposed to fly off to Spain this month, but since her trip has been postponed, she decided to pay homage with this paella kit from Paella Marisol. It includes everything she needs to make this classic dish, skillet included! A great way to go on a culinary journey until she can take a real one again. Between $49.95 and $64.95;

Perfect dairy kits

Fromagerie St-Guillaume knows that, even during these uncertain times, there can never be too much local cheese! Caroline, our art director, ordered a box filled with artisanal dairy products and was pleasantly surprised. Clicking the “extra poutine” checkbox upon ordering was the best decision of her day; there’s nothing more comforting than the squeaky cheese of this traditional Quebec dish. She even had to freeze some; that’s how generous the quantities are! Kits between $60 and $84;

fromagerie St-Guillaume

Delivery service

For our photographer and graphic designer, Jean-Michel, the ready-to-order dishes from Pastaga and Au pied de cochon are worth a mention. Given that these two restaurants are closed until further notice, the restaurant came to him instead. It worked out, since Au pied de cochon delivered to his home on Montreal’s South Shore, and he was not disappointed! Not only were the meals delicious, they were also accessible. Bonus: You can order wine, too! These establishments definitely met the demands of those who miss their favourite restaurant. Meals between $35 and $57; and


Wines with panache

After years of asking the SAQ (Quebec’s liquor board) for permission, wine agencies in the province can finally sell mixed cases to consumers. Previously, only cases of 6 or 12 bottles of the same wine could be sold via the agencies. But now, a case of 12 can consist of 4 different wines, or 2 different wines in a case of 6. Charline-Ève, our editor, turned to these agencies who, due to the fact that they’ve lowered their prices after restaurant closures, now offer a wider variety to individuals. Click here for a list of all the agencies offering cases of wine.


Say cheese

Making homemade cottage cheese is so gratifying! Imagine also making your own ricotta, halloumi, mozzarella or cheese curds. Our art director Cristine, along with her kids, tried her hand at doing so with the U Main cheese kits. The process demands a bit of time, but the instructions are simple and stress-free. The cheeses are fresh, delicious, free of preservatives and affordable (the cost of the fresh mozzarella comes out to half the cost of what you’ll find on the market). Halloumi and cheese curd kits from $34.75;

processus fromage

Fundraising recipes

Montreal restaurant Elena recently launched the e-book Elena and Friends, to help raise funds for Montreal restaurant workers, who have been severely impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. This really touched our project manager, Marisol. The cookbook features a collection of recipes from restaurants such as Cabane d’à côté, Marconi, Montréal Plaza, Vin mon lapin, and others. In this photo below, you’ll see a pantry cake from the book, prepared by chef Michelle Marek, a former RICARDO magazine collaborator. For only $20, you have access to gorgeous recipes that, once made, will make you feel as if you’re dining at one of your favourite restaurants! $18;