The 10 Most Popular Recipes of April 2022

What were you cooking and baking the most last month? With Easter and the end of sugar shack season, you guys were all about maple, various omelettes, and lots and lots of ham!

1. Maple Baked Ham

This classic recipe has been your go-to ham for over 10 years now. So it’s not surprising that it took our top spot and was likely the star of this year’s Easter feast!

2. Slow Cooker Maple and Beer-Braised Ham

In second place, this ham recipe is another popular one for Easter. After all, it’s braised in the slow cooker for maximum efficiency, and leaves the oven free for cooking any other dishes and sides.

3. Maple-Braised Ham (The Best)

This ham recipe is new to our site, but it’s quickly become a favourite among many of you. We used a tastier, fattier bone-in pork shoulder and made a rich sauce with amber maple syrup; these are just a few elements that ensured this ham was our best ever!

4. Beef Burritos

Can you believe that, until very recently, we’ve never had a beef burrito recipe on our site? (Yes, we were as shocked as you!) To rectify the situation, we developed this yummy recipe, and we’re happy to see that you all are loving it.

5. Baked Omelette

What’s Easter brunch without a tasty, fluffy omelette? Baked in the oven, this simple recipe was a hit with many of you last month!

6. Magdalen Islands’ Seafood Pot Pie 

Chicken pot pie is more of a winter dish. Now that spring is here, you all zeroed in on a fresher seafood pot pie instead! The best thing about this recipe? It’s totally customizable. Given that lobster isn’t in season yet (soon, though!), we’re sure many of you swapped it for tasty snow crab.

7. Maple-Balsamic Dressing

Salad season is almost here! We’re all eating lighter and fresher now that the cold has come and gone, but you’re still hanging on to those early-spring flavours like maple. We can’t blame you, as this sweet and tangy dressing is absolutely delicious.

8. Maple and Ginger Lacquered Salmon

Were you looking for a quick dinner idea? Then you’ve found it in this sweet and spicy glazed salmon recipe.

9. Country-Style Omelette 

Quick and easy to make, this rustic omelette looks and tastes just like the ones you’d find at the sugar shack.

10. Cheese Omelette Soufflé

And yet a third omelette recipe rounds out our list! Whether it was for Easter, a sugar shack-inspired feast at home or just a regular Sunday brunch, you guys sure couldn’t get enough of eggs in April!

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