April 19-23, 2021: Healthful Recipes to Cook This Week

Eating well daily begins with simple recipes and a variety of delicious flavours to enjoy. Here are a few better-for-you choices for the entire week!

Monday: Barley, Squash and Broccoli Soup

Even though the weather is getting warmer, any time is a good time to enjoy a nourishing soup filled with veggies! Here’s a great way to use up that broccoli that’s been sitting in the crisper. And it goes without saying, leftovers will make for practical lunches this week.

Tuesday: Sumac Chicken with Marinated Cucumbers

Meet the recipe that will become an instant hit in your home! The marinated cucumber salad will add freshness to the dish and pairs wonderfully with the perfectly seasoned chicken. We’re happy to welcome weeknight grilling to our homes again!

Wednesday: Soba Noodle, Edamame, Red Pepper and Bean Sprout Salad

The crunch of the bean sprouts, the tartness of the lime juice, the freshness of the red pepper and cilantro… This salad is bursting with flavour! And the soba noodles, rich in protein, tie the whole recipe together.

Thursday: Grilled Salmon with Tomato Confit and Artichokes

Dishes that get to the table in just 30 minutes are always appreciated! This tender, flaky salmon is everything you would want in a weeknight recipe. Served with vegetables, it’s not only good for your taste buds but also for your health.

Friday: Vegetable and Shrimp Pasta

Peppers, onions, mushrooms and asparagus are the stars of this colourful pasta dish. We love cooking them in a sheet pan, both for the lightly roasted taste it provides to the veggies, but also for how practical it is. Simple, delicious and to be made again and again!

Dessert: Low-Fat Brownies

We’ve done the impossible: created a tasty, chocolatey brownie that contains five times less fat than a classic version. It’s the ultimate sweet treat for the week!