February 7 to 11, 2022: 5 Classic RICARDO Recipes to Cook This Week

As our French-language magazine celebrates its 20th anniversary, we’re looking back at the thousands of recipes featured on our site. Over the years, many of them have become classics, turning into fast favourites in the homes of many Canadians. Here are a few of our favourites that you can make for dinner this week.

Monday: General Tao Tofu

What can we say about our General Tao Tofu that we haven’t said before? It’s just so good! While we have a traditional chicken version, of course, this meat-free dish is one of the most popular recipes on our site. It’s even gotten people to eat tofu when they probably wouldn’t have before.

Tuesday: Maple-Glazed Pork Tenderloin

Pork tenderloin is a go-to meat for busy weeknights. Why? It’s delicious, tender, and quick and easy to make. This recipe, which veers a bit to the sweet side (hello, maple syrup!) is extremely popular. A little tip from the many, many people who’ve tried it? Double the sauce!

Wednesday: Ratatouille

Ratatouille is a classic vegetable stew from France, and our recipe has turned into a popular mainstay for many of you looking to eat more veggies during the week. Tomatoes, zucchini, bell peppers and mushrooms all form a medley that is just irresistible.

Thursday: Mac and Cheese

When it comes to kid-friendly recipes, nothing beats mac and cheese. Easy to make and way tastier than its boxed counterparts, it’s a go-to dish for many parents. It’s rich, creamy and simply delicious!

Friday: Homemade Pizza Dough

Friday night is pizza night, and our fans have been relying on this trusted recipe for homemade pizza dough for many years now. (Just check out all of the reviews and positive comments!) If you haven’t tried it already, we’re sure you’ll absolutely love it. Just roll out the dough and top it any way you like.