February 14 to 18, 2022: 5 Romantic Dishes to Enjoy This Week

Monday is Valentine’s Day. But why only celebrate the day of love over a span of 24 hours? We say Valentine’s Week is in order; a period to shower your significant other (or someone else you love) nightly with a tasty meal for two, as well as your lovely company. Check out this week’s selection of romantic recipes.

Monday: Duck with Chocolate and Red Wine Sauce

Red wine? Check. Chocolate? Check. Oh no, we’re not talking about drinks and dessert. These Valentine’s Day standards are also a part of your dinner. After all, duck is a very rich protein, so in this decadent spirit, we’ve paired it with a rich sauce, too.

Tuesday: Scallops, Lentils and Mushrooms with a Creamy Miso Sauce

You may not cook scallops on a regular weeknight, but they definitely have a place in a Valentine’s Day meal.  Along with lentils and mushrooms, the ingredients come together to create an aesthetically chic dish, and the creamy miso sauce adds a flourish of umami.

Wednesday: Salmon Tartare with Grapefruit and Dill

Can’t make it to Café RICARDO for a romantic dinner for two? Bring the experience home with this tasty dish pulled from our restaurant’s menu. It’s an elevated version of this popular recipe, so it’s best reserved for a special occasion!

Thursday: Turbot with Corn Milk and Zucchini Gremolata

Turbot has a sweet-tasting flesh and therefore pairs well with more delicate ingredients, such as corn. Which is why we’ve used it two ways in this recipe: in the corn milk, and in the zucchini gremolata. The fish truly shines in this dish and might just become your annual favourite for the day of love.

Friday: Mushroom and Pancetta Risotto

Risotto is often a go-to Valentine’s Day meal for many couples. Why? It’s pretty easy to make at home (so long as you don’t. stop. stirring!), yet still gives off rather fancy vibes and looks as if you truly laboured over today’s dinner.

Dessert: Mini Molten Chocolate Cakes

What’s a Valentine’s Day meal without a little dessert? And when we say little, we mean it! These adorable mini lava cakes are oozing with a hot chocolate centre. And the tart and sweet raspberry coulis we serve it with is the perfect contrast to the bitter dark chocolate. There is no better way to say, “I love you”!