May 4–8, 2020: What to Cook This Week

During these uncertain times, it’s important to treat yourself to foods that bring you joy. Set the table, pour some wine and prepare a meal while chatting with a friend via Zoom. It’s simple cooking that will make you smile and feel good!

Monday: Pasta!

Why waste time thinking up what to cook when you can whip up this simple and delicious meal? This creamy pasta dish tastes like spring with the addition of green vegetables and fresh mint. And who can resist a one-pot recipe?

Tuesday: Tacos!

Today is Cinco de Mayo, and this Mexican-inspired recipe is perfect for the occasion! But these tacos are  also tasty any other day of the month. You can even have an at-home taco party! You can even have an at-home taco party and let everyone build their own tacos at the dinner table

Wednesday: Gnocchi!

You can save time by picking up a bag of fresh gnocchi at the supermarket, or you can make them at home, and then toss them in a rich tomato sauce. The addition of fennel and sausage creates a festive and homey dish, as if you were on a restaurant patio in Florence. It’s the recipe of the week, so says our colleague, Julie!

Thursday: Mini Calzones!

This recipe will be appreciated by kids, big and small! It’s a homemade version of the classic store-bought pizza pockets using our popular pizza dough. Have each person customize theirs any way they like. Each bite tastes like childhood!

Friday: Burgers!

Break out the brush, mitt and spatula: it’s time to grill! We’ve taken a classic pork burger and given it an Asian-inspired twist with the addition of hoisin and fish sauces. A loaded burger is the perfect way to kick-start the weekend!

A Weeknight Treat: Cookies!

Speaking of comfort foods that make us happy, let’s not forget these delights! They are chewy and moist, absolutely scrumptious, and will surely lift spirits in just a few bites!