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As remote work continues, pantry snacks are becoming more and more tempting. As a new snackingsnacking trend has emerged during the pandemic, here are a few ideas for healthy snack recipes to make at home.

The verb “nibble” has never been so much a part of our vocabulary as during the ongoing pandemic. The situation has had repercussions on our way of life and our way of consuming, among other things with the return of snacking. No matter the time of day, we have returned to this habit. And it was the increasing demand for snacks that revealed this trend. The proof: an increase in sales of 50% to 60% in the last two years has been noticed at Mondelez Canada, manufacturer of several dozen brands, such as Ritz, Triscuit and LU cookies.

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On the other hand, sales of candy and gum have declined. It just goes to show that working remotely has created new, healthier habits!

Do you often get hungry in the afternoon? To avoid turning to store-bought treats between online meetings, make sure you have a few healthy and nutritious homemade snacks on hand. Here are a few snack ideas to make at home from nuts and fruit:

If you’re already fans of homemade snacks, here are the 10 most popular recipes on our site for guilt-free snacking: