Slow Cooker Bolognese Sauce

  • Preparation 25 MIN
    Cooking 8 H
  • Makes 2 litres (8 cups)
  • Freezes



  1. In a large skillet, brown the pancetta and meat in the oil, breaking the meat with a wooden spoon. Season with salt and pepper. Transfer to the slow cooker.
  2. In the same skillet, brown the onions, carrots, celery, and garlic. Season with salt and pepper. Add oil, if needed. Deglaze with the wine and reduce for 1 minute. Transfer to the slow cooker.
  3. Add the remaining ingredients and stir to combine. Cover and cook on low for 8 hours. Remove the bay leaf and adjust the seasoning. Let cool and stir so that the surface water is incorporated into the sauce.
  4. Serve over pasta and sprinkle generously with Parmesan cheese.


This recipe is from the book "La mijoteuse – De la lasagne à la crème brûlée”.

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