Raspberry and Mascarpone with Phyllo Puffs

  • Preparation 30 MIN
    Cooking 12 MIN
  • Servings 6
Imagine a deconstructed millefeuille: Phyllo dough, mascarpone cream and raspberries are scattered on the plate rather than stacked. With every mouthful, the sweet yet sharp taste of berries mingles with delicate snaps of caramelized phyllo and unctuous daubs of cream. We upped the ante by lightly brushing each pastry sheet with honey before baking.


Phyllo Puffs

Mascarpone Cream


Phyllo Puffs

  1. With the rack in the middle position, preheat the oven to 350°F (180°C). Line a baking sheet with a silicone mat or parchment paper.
  2. In a small pot, melt the butter. Add the honey, stir to combine and let cool.
  3. On a work surface, brush the 2 phyllo sheets with the honey-butter mixture and layer them one on top of the other. Cut in half widthwise and layer them again to make a 9 x 6-inch (23 x 15 cm) rectangle. Cut into 12 rectangles about 3 x 1 1/2 inches (7.5 x 4 cm). Place on the baking sheet.
  4. Bake for 12 minutes or until nicely browned. Let cool completely.

Mascarpone Cream

  1. In a bowl, whip the mascarpone and honey together by hand. Add the cream and whip until it forms stiff peaks.

To Serve

  1. On each plate, place 3 quenelles of mascarpone cream, about 1 tbsp each, making a swoosh with the back of a spoon. Top with 2 pieces of phyllo and a few raspberries. Drizzle with honey, if desired.

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