Our 10 Most Popular Corn Recipes

Every year, we can’t wait to be able to bite into a good cob of local corn. Crunchy, juicy and sweet, it’s easy to pick up a few dozen at the grocery store for corn roasts. Delicious on its own or with a little butter and salt, why not take advantage of the corn season’s abundance to prepare it in all kinds of different ways. Here are the most popular recipes on our website.

1. Elotes a la Parrilla (Grilled Corn on the Cob)

Based on our most popular recipes, everyone seems to prefer the taste of corn directly on the cob. But that doesn’t have to mean sticking to the classics. With sour cream, mayonnaise and crumbled cheese as a garnish, this recipe raises you up to a whole new corn-eating level.

2. Cream of Corn Soup

It only takes five ingredients to make a comforting cream of corn soup. You can use fresh corn kernels, frozen corn kernels, or the corn you still have in the freezer from last summer!

3. Green Bean and Corn Salad

For a colourful side salad, we mix yellow corn, red cherry tomatoes and green beans. And with a little bacon, the dish is not only colourful, but also delicious.

4. Pasta Salad with Tuna, Corn and Cherry Tomatoes

There’s nothing like corn to brighten up a pasta salad, thanks to its sweet taste and juicy texture. Add a little canned tuna and you get a salad-meal that’s perfect for lunch.

5. Creamy Macaroni and Grilled Corn Salad

This recipe will be all the rage at the next picnic in the park. Sour cream and mayonnaise make the salad creamy, while corn, celery and cucumbers give it a hit of freshness.

6. Nordic Shrimp and Corn Salad

Invited to a potluck? Bring this layered salad that can be easily taken on the go. First, it’s a layer of shrimp salad, topped with a corn salad, followed by celery, peppers and arugula.

7. Pork Stir-Fry with Kale and Corn

This quick pork stir-fry is the perfect weekday meal. With its sweet, syrupy sauce, strips of tender pork and a good dose of vegetables, the whole family is sure to love it.

8. Avocado and Grilled Corn Salsa

The corn season is timed perfectly for summer cocktail hour on the patio! And there’s nothing better than a good avocado and corn salsa served with chips to start the evening off right.

9. Corn and Black Bean Salad

A salad recipe that can be prepared in a single step? Sign us up! To make it, simply mix beans, corn, herbs and the dressing ingredients in a bowl. So simple.

10. Chimichurri Salad with Grilled Vegetables

Among the grilled vegetables in this splendid salad, there’s corn on the cob that’s grilled directly on the barbecue. The whole veggie plate is then drizzled with a chimichurri sauce based on herbs, oil and vinegar.

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